Writen by Jen – Shared from FitBottomGirls.com

Confession: I’m not a big girlie-girl. Sure, for special occasions I like getting dressed up and doing my make-up and hair and all that, but on the normal Wednesday morning when I squeeze in a workout and then have somewhere to be right after? Er, most of the time I’m just trying to look presentable in as little time as possible. If that mentality resonates with you, then you will love these hacks. All seven of them help to solve super common issues when going from gym to life. From hair to beauty to clothes, they make getting ready at the gym faster, easier and way more awesome!



1. A brush that cuts down on drying time: Goody QUIKSTYLE Brush

You know when you get really sweaty and HAVE TO take a shower after? But you hate to because then you have sopping wet hair that takes hours to dry? This brush saves the day — or at least makes your day less sopping wet. With its absorbent anti-microbial microfiber bristles, this brush removes water faster, while also de-tangling. In fact, this “lo-po” has saved many a hair day:


2. Bodywash that fights icky germs at the gym: CLn SportWash.

If the germs at the gym freak you out, throw some CLn SportWash in your gym bag. Good for both men and women, this stuff is gentle on the skin but is great at cleansing your skin after workouts or sports. In fact, it was originally developed for those who have skin that’s prone to infections, rashes and ingrown hairs.

3. A facial moisturizer that you’ll actually want to put on:Neutrogena Hydro Boost.

Neutrogena sent us a few samples of this a few months ago, and we LOVE IT. This “water gel” feels almost cooling when you put it on and evaporates super quick — while still moisturizing like a boss. Unlike thick moisturizers that feel heavy when you put them on after a workout or shower, this one is light and gets your face ready for the day (or for make-up) in no time flat.

4. Condition your hair — while you work out: Hair Warrior.

Love multitasking? You actually put Hair Warrior on your hair before working out. Then, as you work it on out, it hydrates and protects your hair as it actually uses your own body heat to condition each strand. It also reduces frizziness while adding shine, softness and body. It’s kind of like getting a salon treatment while you work out!

5. Say goodbye to wrinkly workout clothes: Downy Wrinkle Release Plus.

I abhor ironing. In fact, I’ve been known to not buy certain pieces of clothing I would otherwise love simply because they’d require ironing. And while I’m definitely not one to stress about wrinkles in my fitness apparel, I certainly don’t want to look like a slob. (Especially if I’m going straight from the gym to run some errands without a change of clothes.) And this is where this hack comes in! The silicones in Downy Wrinkle Release Plus grip the fabric fibers in your workout clothes, making it possible for them to slide against each other rather than being a wrinkled mess. All you do is spray on the product, tug out the wrinkles, smooth the fabric, allow it to dry and you’re good to go (and static- and odor-free!) in less than five minutes.

6. Perk up limp hair without harsh heat or product.

Okay, this little hair do-dad is darn amazing — and simple. Simply take the hair curling tie, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then wrap hair for soft curls minus the harsh heat or chemicals. No microwave at your gym? No problem. Simply wrap your hair before you get in the shower and let the heat from the shower give your hair body. Need to wash your hair? You can also put damp hair in the tie and let air dry until you’re ready to let the curls out. (OR even just wear around with the tie in, as it looks SUPER cute.)

7. Leave the gym sweaty and be proud of your sweat.

Yes, sometimes that’s exactly how we roll.