Did you make a resolution to eat better and move more this year?

How is it going?  Do you need to RE-COMMIT, RE-ENERGIZE and RE-BOOT?

Don’t forget: We have 9 monhs left in this year! You have plenty of time to be successful and on your way to feeling great.

Let our motto be:

Eat to LIVE better, Eat to FEEL better, Eat to BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

It is not too late. Spring is the perfect time to re-boot your diet. We will start to see the fruits and vegetables that the warm spring and summer weather will bring. We promise to share as many articles, information and stories to help you learn how important what you put in your body is. We are what we eat.







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Whatever your personal goal is: lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, be more flexible, train for a marathon, ride the Flume Trail or be able to climb Tallac or Mt. Rose, eating well and your training at the gym can help.

So..RE-BOOT, RE-ENERGIZE and RE-COMMIT to be the best you can be.

Don’t give up on 2015 yet. Together we can make it happen. See you soon!