The summer has gone by way too fast. We hope you have had a lot of fun. Even with low lake levels, boats were able to launch and people skied and played. The wildflowers seemed to last forever this year. Tom’s hiking group explored new and exciting trails and came back with amazing pictures. Tom is a really good photographer. If you are lucky he might just share one of his books. The summer music concerts on the beach and at Squaw were a fun time with lots of good music. It is nice to see so many of us enjoying our lake, our mountains and our awesome town.
The days are getting shorter (I woke at 5:50 this morning and it was still dark), the trees and shrubs are turning color (way to early but what can you do), and the talk of an El Nino is getting us excited for a winter that we haven’t seen in years. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed).
The annual 3 Month September special is happening now. We know you have been busy with summer fun and work but we miss you. The gym is looking good. We put in a new TRX area with room for floor work and a new pull up bar. The treadmills, rowers, elipticals and bikes are in good shape. Nick, Sherrie, Linda and Kathy are ready to help you in your journey of fitness and health. We are adding new classes in September. All of our teachers are amazing and excited to see you back. There are some new faces at the front desk. Come by, say hi and introduce yourself. Tom has been joined by Tish, Hunter, Estevan, Elizabeth, Angela, Jamie and Frank.
We want to pause and acknowledge all of you for your ongoing support. We would not be here without members like you, and we are truly grateful for all you do.
Look forward to seeing you soon!
September special cropped