Group Fitness classes are a fun part of your membership at A Sante’.  Whether you’re looking to kick your fitness into high gear with Power Step, Spin or Zumba or looking to achieve inner and outer peace with Yoga, we offer classes that appeal to all interests and fitness levels.  Come try a group fitness class soon and learn from world-class instructors in a fun and supportive environment. We are here to help you reach your goals.  If you have never tried a class, allow yourself to be a beginner. 

8:45-10:15      YOGA FOR TIGHT PEOPLE with Tammy **Starts on June 24th**
11:00-12:30   POLE FITNESS – COMPETITORS ONLY with Tammy (There is an  extra fee for this class)

7:00-8:00    SPIN with Katie
8:30-9:45     YOGA with Josh
4:00-5:15      POWER/CARDIO/STRENGTH with Vicki
5:30-6:30     ZUMBA with Katie K

 7:45-9:00    GENTLE YOGA with Tammy
9:15-10:15    BUTTS & GUTTS with Katie K
 6:00-7:30    POLE FITNESS – BEGINNER POLE with Tammy  (No Experience Required – (There is an extra fee for this class)


7:00-8:00     SPIN with Martha
9:15-10:15     CARDIO BLAST  with Katie


 7:45-9:00      GENTLE YOGA  with Josh
9:15-10:30    POWER/CARDIO/STRENGTH with Vicki
7:00-8:30     POLE FITNESS – OPEN POLE PRACTICE with Tammy (No Experience Required – There is an extra fee for this ______________________________________________________________________________________________


 7:00-8:00    SPIN with Martha
9:15-10:15     CARDIO BLAST  with Katie


 7:45-8:45     POWER/CARDIO/STRENGTH with Vicki
9:15-10:30   YOGA  with Josh

(Call Tammy for information about the Pole Classes.  530-412-1085)
All of A Sante’s teachers are great and classes are included in your membership. Try one this week. You won’t be disappointed.