Placer County moves to more restrictive tier meaning we must close the gym again.

Due to the increase in the spread of the Coronavirus, California has implemented new restrictions and moved Placer County back to the purple tier (tier 1). Following state guidelines, we will be closing the gym again effective Tuesday, November 17, 2020. We hope that the closure won’t last too long, we’ll keep you posted when we have any updates.

Understanding Tier 1 Guidance
Placer County moved back to   PurpleTier 1)  on Monday, Nov. 16. This directly impacts restaurants, retail stores, cinemas, gyms & salons (find all business tier guidance and operational modifications  HERE ). 

There are four tiers based on a county’s risk level:  Purple  (widespread)  Red  (substantial),  Orange  (moderate), and  Yellow  (minimal). Purple is the highest tier/risk level with more than seven daily new cases (per 100K) of COVID-19.

How can we get in a lower tier?  We can all do our part to help our counties reach a lower tier: wear a mask in public, wash hands regularly, keep at least six feet of physical distance when in public, and limit mixing with people you don’t live with. All members of the community are encouraged to consider how personal behavior can help move Placer County to the next tier ranking.  Individual action will lead to collective mitigation that will shift the county’s tier status.  Follow Placer County’s status  HERE .
Resources: Blueprint for a Safer Economy: guidance on how counties will move through each tierCalifornia’s Tier System by CountyReopen Placer website reflects where we stand as of today, which is red Framework by business type