At A Santé Fitness, our trainers are here to help you be your best with personalized one-on-one workouts, or pair up with a buddy.

Our trainers have extensive backgrounds in fitness and strength training, physical therapy and more.  Let us help you find the trainer that is right for you!  Read about their areas of expertise, below.

Nick Casini

Nick Casini

As a long-time local in the Lake Tahoe area, Nick has made quite a name for himself and his business, “Dynamic Strength & Conditioning”.  After studying strength training and overall fitness at Hayward State University, Nick went on to become an International Sports Science Association certified personal trainer in 1988.  He is continually seeking further education in health and strength training and became certified in Advanced Strength Training in 1999.  He has also attended over 14 seminars and conferences in his 8 years of training.  Some of those included are:

  • Functional Strength Training, 2002
  • Weight Training Injury Symposium, 2002
  • Performance Nutrition, 2000
  • ABC’s of Getting Lean, 1998
  • Training Jane, not Tarzan, 1997

Whether you are a high school athlete or senior citizen, Nick’s extensive knowledge in the health & fitness field helps him to create an individualized nutrition plan and training regimen programmed for success.  Be prepared to see results when you train with someone who firmly believes that when you “give 100 % effort, you’ll get 100 % return”!

For more information or to contact Nick, please call (775)772-2825.


Kathy Brown

Sherie Schmidt

As a 38-year resident of Lake Tahoe, Sherie has always been a fitness enthusiast and nurtured a passion for weightlifting since 1987. She decided to devote herself to a career in the industry and became certified through ACE (American Council on Fitness) in 1997, furthering her education through seminars including:

  • 2 week private internship with Sam Calhoun of Progressive Fitness
  • Paul Chek’s “Scientific Core Conditioning”
  • Vern Gambetta’s “Legs, Legs, Legs”
  • Perform Better “Learn by Doing” Functional Training Seminars

Her approach to training is non-intimidating and inspirational, while using a complete approach including weights, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition. She embraces your fitness goals with enthusiasm and professionalism, using many updated techniques (including laughter and just plain hard work). As your trainer, she will make herself available to you in the gym or off-site, offering challenges you can take to the outdoors.  She has completed 14 marathons, 8 Double Centuries, The Death Ride, dabbled in power lifting, and makes daily cardio attempts all in the name of fun and fitness.

She truly believes “If you think it, you can do it”.

Contact Sherie at (530) 545-9521 for information on how you can make fitness a part of your life.


Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp, of Full Spectrum Fitness, has been a certified ISSA personal trainer at A Santé since 2001. She worked as a physical therapist assistant for 10 years and her experience with physical therapy is a major element in her personal training. Her college degree in psychology gives Linda a considerable talent for motivation.

Linda works with all ages and levels of clientele: athletes, people recovering from injuries or those who want improvement in their overall health. She is an avid nordic skate skier in the winter and trail runner in the summer. Linda enjoys attending seminars and lectures that keep her updated on current nutritional research and the latest health and fitness innovations.

Linda’s goal in personal training is to make sure her clients train in a safe, effective, creative and enjoyable manner. Outdoor training is also an option. Linda loves her work and is happy to assist clients with reaching their fitness goals. If you want to improve your overall health and fitness level through fun and hard work, Linda is the trainer for you!

For more information, please contact Linda at (530)448-9643.


Seth Benson

Seth was born and raised in the Bay Area. He was first introduced to sports at a young age and delved into fitness when he began training seriously for high school sports. His passion for skiing and Tahoe led him to attend college at the University of Nevada, Reno where he played on the men’s lacrosse team and received degrees in finance and economics. After facing numerous injuries, Seth has firsthand experience in what it takes to rebuild your peak performance both physically and psychologically. Furthering his knowledge in health and nutrition, he went on to earn his ISSA Personal Trainer Certification. Additionally, he is currently working on his Nutrition and Sports Conditioning and Strength certifications.

                Drawing from his background as an athlete, Seth looks forward to sharing his knowledge of fitness, nutrition, injury recovery and conditioning with his clients. Whether you’re new to the gym or are a seasoned athlete, Seth is dedicated to helping you reach your personal fitness goals. Expect to be challenged and encouraged when you’re working with Seth as he personalizes each training program to fit your aspirations.

Feel free to call or text Seth at 925-918-0303