Last week were hopeful that the declining Covid positivity rates in Placer County would allow us to move to a less restrictive tier and possibly reopen the gym this week. Placer met two of the three criteria for moving out of the tight purple tier but fell short when its case rate began to climb back up, halting the county’s move into a lower-tier assignment. We’re keeping a close eye on changes that would allow us to reopen the gym. Read more HERE about possible changes coming to the tier structure relatively soon that may retroactively place Placer in the red tier.
It’s been about a year since our gym members have been able to consistently exercise indoors. For the long-term wellness of our community, we hope to reopen (and stay open) soon! Not only is indoor fitness proven to be safe, but exercise can also improve all aspects of physical and mental health. Gyms offer more than a safe place to exercise– they are a place to heal. Fitness is essential and we can’t wait to open our doors and welcome you back!
We will keep you posted when we hear any updates that may indicate reopening.