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By See more at Greatist.com, BY ANISHA JHAVERI

When you’re busy roasting, basting, and otherwise babysitting the turkey to make it an Instagram-worthy centerpiece, you really don’t have time to spend whipping up elaborate sides. On the other hand, everyone says Thanksgiving is about the sides, not the bird. What’s a host to do?!

Fear not. There’s a way to get a beautiful bird on the table and knock it out of the park with the Thanksgiving side dishes without completely losing your mind before your guests even show up. From mac and cheese to mashed potatoes, these 19 easy Thanksgiving recipes take only 20 minutes to make but taste like they took hours and hours and hours. Your guests will be impressed, and you’ll be walking away as the host of the year without breaking a sweat.

This bread-free stuffing isn’t just gluten-free—it’s also totally grain-free, thanks to using trusty cauliflower as a stand-in for rice. Mushrooms add some meatiness, while pecans provide some crunch (despite the lack of croutons)

With olive oil replacing some of the butter and a generous handful of pecans thrown into the mix along with the Brussels sprouts, this side is especially heart-healthy in addition to being filled with fiber. What’s more, there are only two tablespoons of maple syrup in the whole recipe, so you don’t max out on your added sugar allowance before dessert.

Shredding Brussels sprouts instead of leaving them whole is a great way to get them into people who are convinced they don’t like these cruciferous gems. Tossed with sweet Honeycrisp apples, walnuts, and savory Parmesan, this salad will have even sprouts skeptics reaching for seconds.