Whether it’s blatant (Lucky Charms, we’re looking at you) or hidden (even in packaged whole-wheat bread!), added sugar tends to be a way-too-prominent ingredient in many breakfasts. The American Heart Association advises consuming no more than 25 grams—or six teaspoons—of sugar per day for women and 36 grams or nine teaspoons for men. But between the spoonful of sugar in our coffee, the vanilla almond milk in our cereal bowl, and the cupful of that supposedly “healthy” raisin bran, we can easily exceed that limit with our morning meal alone. Eek!

Time to get breakfast back on track with food that’s filled with actual nutrition, not empty calories that do little for our energy. These 21 recipes, containing zero added sugars, show you how.

Sweet Breakfasts

Treat yourself to a short stack of these griddle cakes on even the busiest of days—it’s possible, since these require just eggs and bananas and a minute of cooking time to put together. Plus, even with only two ingredients, they give you enough flavor so you won’t be tempted to add a glug of maple syrup. Talk about less is more.

The eggs, fruit, and oats here make these seem like any standard morning muffins at first. But without any sugar, butter, or oil, they’re among the cleanest breakfast baked goods you could make.

An indulgent dessert gets turned into a healthy breakfast with cooked quinoa instead of a crust and Greek yogurt stepping in for some of the cream cheese. The sweetener is optional for good reason—it’s simply not necessary, thanks to the bananas and berries.

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