by Dr. Tim Schroeder

As a chiropractor I study health everyday and because of that I know that I see it differently than most people. A lot of people come to me in Tahoe City for help with back and neck pain. But there are quite a few folks throughout the world who depend on my counsel for their general health and well-being.

For a lot of people health is easy. They wake up in the morning, go about their day, eat well, exercise and get along with everyone they meet. For others health is a struggle, a constant uphill battle that requires effort and at times, sacrifice and self-abuse. Still others never think about it or worse, ignore the effects of bad habits and lose vitality moment by moment. Health can be lost in an event or in a process but it can only be regained or maintained with a process. You can injure yourself or expose yourself to toxins and it takes no time at all for you to lose your health. But the overwhelming majority of dis-ease occurs in a process.

Different cultures choose different processes for healthcare. The process of health that you use is effective within your culture. Many people are aware of the differences in Western and Eastern Medicine. This serves as an easy example of the fact that health and healing can come from very different directions and be effective within the population that it serves. Native American Medicine Men are very effective healers within their culture but chances are unless you have established a belief in that system of health, you will never heal under the care of a Medicine Man. Belief in the outcome is essential and when you are raised within a particular system of healthcare, you naturally believe in that process of health. In fact, you believe in it so much that you have no room for other paradigms of healthcare.

Whatever process of healthcare that you choose must resonate with your beliefs in order for it to be truly effective. Most of us have been raised in the system of scientific medicine. It just makes sense to us that when a process has been tested and proven with double blind scientific studies, it is a valid tool for healing. But it is interesting that although Western Medicine does a very good job with crisis care and intervention after an event or process has occurred, it has not done a great job with true healthcare and prevention of dis-ease. It does a good job with early intervention but not quite as good with prevention. An ounce of prevention…you know the rest.

The bottom line is that you are in charge of your health. I can help you with decisions and guide you toward prevention of dis-ease but you are the one living in your body and you will have to make decisions about your health that resonate with your cultural views of good health.

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