Who’s ready for the next A Sante’ Fitness Challenge?  

We know it’s been a busy summer and that fall is the perfect time to get back on track with your fitness goals.  This fun challenge is just 15 days long and is a sweet warm up to our upcoming autumn fitness challenges to tieing into winter sports conditioning.  We thank our friends at Greatist.com for this challenge.

Join Greatist’s 12-Day Glute Challenge

When summer rolls around, it’s hard to avoid the endless stream of workouts and diet plans designed to get you a perfect beach body. Strengthening your glutes for a backside Kim Kardashian would be envious of is a central part to achieving this look. But we don’t think you need strong buttocks just so you can strut on the beach in your new bathing suit. Sure, that’s a plus, but glutes are hugely important for everyday functional fitness tasks from picking up a bag of groceries to bending over to tie your shoes.

We teamed up with Jessi Kneeland, a Greatist expert and founder of Remodel Fitness, to bring you this 12-day glute challenge, so you can have a strong backside year-round, not just for beach season. Before jumping into the routine, you need to find your glutes. First step: Squeeze your butt. Did you feel a burn in your glutes muscles? If you didn’t, don’t worry. Your glutes are probably a little sleepy thanks to some overcompensation from your quads and hip flexors, but not for long.

This 12-day challenge introduces a new exercise every day to activate your glutes. (You can find the descriptions for each move below the graphic.) The goal is to find three or four exercises from the bunch that really activate your glutes, and then add them to your regular fitness routine. Keep us updated on your progress by using the hashtag #getglutes on social media, and be sure to check back next month for another exciting challenge.


glutechallenge_graphic_5 (1)