Have you made a resolution this year? How is it going?
Do you need to RE-COMMIT, RE-ENERGIZE and RE-BOOT?

Have your New Year’s Resolutions gone off track with this crazy winter we’re having?  Not to worry, we still have time to get back on track with your goals for 2020. It’s time for a Resolution Reboot.
Don’t forget: We are only 62 days into 2020  You have 304 days left in this year. You have plenty of time to make your 2020 goals a reality. It is never too late. Whatever your personal goal is: lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, be more flexible, train for a marathon, ride the Flume Trail or be able to climb Tallac or Mt. Rose, your training at the gym can help.
If you need some support getting started, COMMIT to a class. You will be guided thru an amazing workout. Yoga, Spin and Cardio Intervals and Weights are all included in your membership. You can get our current schedule online here.  Group Fitness Classes are for everyone!  Don’t be shy, try a class today!
Remember, we have a knowledgeable staff of personal trainers. They all are awesome and can help you meet your goals. It will be the best investment in yourself and your health you can make.  You’re worth it!
Let’s make 2020 our fittest and healthiest year yet!  You can do it!!