“There is a love of wild nature in everybody.”   – John Muir

One of my favorite west shore trails starts at Meeks Bay and gradually climbs up toLake Genevieve  and Crag Lake.  This is about a 10 mile out-and-back hike into the western part of Desolation Wilderness.  You will encounter plenty of wild nature along the trail as you climb up into the mountains.

The start of this trail is the Tahoe portion of the Tahoe Yosemite Trail that couldtake you all the way to Yosemite if you so desire and have the time and energy. Two years ago I spent an entire day hiking 18 miles from Meeks Bay to Emerald Bay.  Along the way I passed a string of lakes including Genevieve, Crag, Hidden, Shadow, Stony Ridge, and Rubicon Lakes.  It has become one of my favorite Tahoe days.


For this hike, we will turn around at Crag Lake.  Be sure to fill out a day wildernesspermit at the information shelter near the parking area at Meeks Bay.  The trail begins on a forest service road passing through the Meeks Meadow where you will see some wonderful wildflowers.

In about 1.2 miles, a signed single-track trail begins off to the right.  What I really enjoy about this trail is that it alternates between climbing sections and level sections.  Along the way you see meadows, ponds, forest trees, spring seeps, still waters and raging waters, small waterfalls, boulders the size of of houses, colorful wildflowers, mountain vistas, and two beautiful lakes.

So pick a day, grab a couple of friends, take some water and snacks, and enjoy another magical Sierra day.  Tom